Farming For Sales

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A 3-Day course about sales & marketing, you will learn how to attract high-quality prospects and turn strangers into loyal customers.

Beginner friendly

No more guesswork

Proven strategies

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Don’t wait for the perfect client.

Your perfect opportunity just won’t come by itself. Great works or products aren’t going to sell itself. You have to know the right strategy to sell to the right people. Learn how to create awareness for your brand and turn strangers into raving fans.

Check out the video and watch our instructor, Voon Fei, debunk some of the most common assumptions.

Farming For Sales

Learn how to win more business without selling.

Attract more prospects

Create a strong online presence makes it 100 times easier for potential customers to find you.

Be category king

You are not just making transactional efforts. You are on a journey to increase your brand’s recognition.

Explore channels

Know which channel has the most potential where you can make the most impact.

What’s Included

Course Outline


Find Your Target Market

Know them, before they know you.

Best product, best service, best of the best, they don’t matter if you are targeting the wrong market. You’ll learn a few methods to determine your ideal customer and how you can market to them.


Inbound & Outbound

Learn strategies that have proven to win.

Both inbound and outbound strategies are effective, but you have to find the one that suits your style of running a business and apply the strategy. You will be surprised how much boost it gives to your sales.


Sales Funnel

An engine that drives engagement and sales.

Gather your leads and giving them tons of values, creating reciprocity that will lead to making a commitment. Find out the exact steps you need to take to create the most impact.


Profitable Channels

Right place, at the right time, for the right person.

Depending on where your target market is, there are specific strategies to implement to get the result you always wanted. Understand what are the channels out there and their capability in order to maximise your potential.

Meet Your Instructor

There’s no better time to scale your business with high-quality leads.

Did you learn marketing in school? I didn’t.

I am truly proud of my skills in craftsmanship. I produced works that “wow”-ed my clients and yet I still struggled to make sufficient money to grow my business.

I then realised this is a common problem which every business experiences – I don’t have enough clients, and I don’t even know the methods of finding the right clients.

It is then I decided to pick up new skills three years ago, and one of them is Marketing. As a person who uses social media on an hourly basis, I was stupid for NOT making use of this media to win some clients. So, I started to implement the strategies I’ve discovered and learned. In just four months, I managed to get 80k worth of sales through inbound marketing.

Although it is through inbound strategies that we’ve been able to reach more prospective clients, maybe outbound may work just as well for you.

Learning something new has becoming a habit since then. Now, I’m devoting myself to teaching, sharing my knowledge to more people so that their lives can transform for the better as I did. Furthermore, if you are ready to increase your brand’s awareness and get higher-quality leads, this is the course you wouldn’t want to miss.

Voon Fei

Voon Fei is a Digital Strategist. CEO of his award-winning company, Northern Lights Studio. Executive producer of Northern Lights Films. His clientele includes Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola. He is now on a mission to teach start-up entrepreneurs about sales and marketing through an online education platform.

Who This Is For

Entrepreneurs who are ready to ramp up their marketing efforts.

I wasn’t born a marketer. I learn and take action before I got to where I am. So, it doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you have on marketing. Mr Kheng Wai and I will guide you through the process, so you have the tactics to convert hot leads into paying customers. This course is for you:




Sales Agents

What Our Students Said

So many marketing secrets revealed for the very first time.

Thanks Voon Fei for always making business and marketing strategies easily applicable even with a budget and dummy-proof!


Farming For Sales

via Livestream

A 3-Day course about sales & marketing, you will learn how to attract high-quality prospects and turn strangers into loyal customers.

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RM1800 RM445

What’s Included

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